Our Vision

Quedic: Shaping the Future of Money through Influential Financial and Cryptocurrency Insights

The leader in news and information on cryptocurrency, digital assets and the future of money,Quedic is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies.

We’ve been an influential Financial & Cryptocurrency Public Relations and Marketing consultant Agency. We will devote ourselves to disseminating remarkable and highly concentrated interactive content by gathering senior policymakers’ information who have played an important role in the markets globally .Through a combination of brand strategic plan and marketing, we have the knowledge and experience to get brands noticed.We’ve worked extensively and successfully with both new and established businesses.




Meet our Team

Vanessa Holmes


As the Chief Executive Officer, Vanessa excels in setting visionary leadership guidelines and strategic direction for the company. Her extensive experience in operational management and cryptocurrency public relations has established her as a steadfast leader capable of navigating the ever-changing challenges in the technology and financial sectors.

Under her stewardship, Vanessa not only drives the company’s strategic and innovative development but is also committed to cultivating a culture of excellence. She oversees all operational activities, from business development to marketing, ensuring that each department’s efforts are in harmony with the company’s overarching goals. Vanessa’s holistic perspective and integrative approach have successfully aligned the company’s vision with its business practices, propelling sustained growth and a commanding market presence.

In today’s increasingly competitive cryptocurrency industry, Vanessa’s strategic insights and operational precision, coupled with her in-depth understanding of the industry, have proven her to be a pivotal force in advancing the Quedic project and its ecosystem. Her comprehensive responsibility for the strategic planning, business expansion, and public relations of the Quedic project demonstrates her firm commitment to and thorough understanding of the project’s success.

Vanessa’s professional prowess and dedication to the company’s mission have not only strengthened Quedic’s position in the cryptocurrency field but also fostered a cultural environment that values each team member and collaborates towards the realization of the company’s vision. Her leadership ensures the company’s continuous innovation and leadership in an evolving market.

Brian Lau

Co-Founder & CMO

As the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Brian brings over five years of experience in public relations, social media, and corporate operations, skills that he has finely tuned to emerge as a leader in his field. He has adeptly handled the complexities inherent in these areas, showcasing an exceptional ability to manage and implement strategies that not only drive company growth but also amplify brand visibility.

An industry expert in brand strategy and international collaboration, Brian commands an extensive array of international corporate resources. His broad network and profound comprehension of global markets have empowered him to establish strategic partnerships and nurture collaborative relationships. His professional expertise and insights are crucial for steering the company through the ever-shifting business terrain and propelling its international expansion.

Under Brian’s guidance, the company’s marketing strategies are meticulously planned and executed. His global perspective and acute perception of market trends have opened new avenues for cooperation, strengthening the brand’s global influence. His proficiency in marketing and brand development ensures that the company maintains a leading edge in the fiercely competitive market.

Lara Chang

Chief Content Officer

As the Chief Content Officer (CCO), Lara has demonstrated her exceptional ability to drive growth and cultivate relationships, backed by her extensive experience in business development, digital marketing, and public relations. Her profound understanding of the industry’s various facets enables her to offer unique insights into content creation and strategic planning.

Lara has amassed considerable experience within the cryptocurrency communities across Asia and Europe, gaining a deep comprehension of the unique dynamics and subtleties of these markets. Her cross-cultural experience and strategic acumen render her an indispensable asset in the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape. As the CCO of the company, Lara is not only responsible for devising the content strategy but also integrates her expertise in public relations and business development into content management, ensuring that the creation and dissemination of content effectively support the company’s overall growth objectives and strengthen connections with a global audience.

Under Lara’s leadership, the content team produces high-quality, impactful content, further enhanced by precise market positioning and innovative digital marketing strategies, thereby bolstering the brand’s market presence. She has a natural talent for building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, a quality that is especially evident in her interactions with the global crypto community. In this capacity, Lara has not only succeeded in the realm of content creation but has also played a pivotal role in advancing the company’s business development and public relations strategies.