Orderly Network Leads the Future of Liquidity Omnichain Trading Infrastructure Goes Live on Mainnet!

The Orderly Network has officially launched its innovative solution to the fragmented liquidity issue prevalent in decentralized protocols. Unlike centralized finance (CeFi) systems, which benefit from massive liquidity concentrations in a single order book, decentralized protocols have traditionally suffered from thousands of small, isolated liquidity pools. Orderly Network aims to bridge this gap by introducing a shared order book that operates across all major blockchains while maintaining a decentralized ethos.

This shared liquidity model is powered by an off-chain matching engine that ensures all orders are matched with self-custody and on-chain transparency, a stark contrast to centralized exchanges. Transactions on the Orderly Network are settled on a transparent settlement layer, are gasless, and are secured by Ethereum. Despite the complex operations, users’ funds remain stationary; using LayerZero technology, only messages are transferred, and assets are kept secure in a vault on the user’s blockchain of choice. This system represents a significant security enhancement over traditional cross-chain solutions, with the first vault now operational on the Arbitrum mainnet.

Orderly Network offers a centralized finance (CeFi) experience on the frontend, coupled with a decentralized finance (DeFi) approach on the backend. It is designed to be the ultimate trading “LEGO” for builders, enabling them to quickly deploy advanced trading features that would typically take months to develop. The Orderly SDK is set to be a powerful tool for builders in this space.

The network has also redefined the order book experience within DeFi, drawing from a strong background in market making to meet the demands of professional traders and handle large trading volumes. This infrastructure, once reserved for institutional players, is now accessible to a broader audience, including retail traders.

Ran Yi, CEO of Orderly Network, emphasizes the company’s vision to empower developers to concentrate on innovation rather than foundational work. The launch of their Mainnet Omnichain Perpetual Futures Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) marks a significant step towards democratizing DEX development for everyone.

WOOFi, the decentralized arm of WOO Network, has successfully tested the perpetual futures infrastructure on the Arbitrum testnet, processing billions of dollars in trading volume with positive feedback. Orderly Network extends an invitation to both users and builders to engage with its top-tier institutional infrastructure now live on the mainnet. This initiative is set to provide a decentralized experience surpassing any previously available in the market.

As the Orderly Network takes its place as an omnichain trading infrastructure unifying liquidity across blockchains, it is transforming DeFi by combining the transparency and composability of DEXs with the speed and performance of CEXs. The network is poised to become a cornerstone for seamless dApp integration by any builder on any blockchain, marking a new era in decentralized trading.